If you are attempting to have utilities located before you dig, call the three digit number 811 or create a ticket online any time using Exactix. For emergency requests when the Arizona 811 center is closed, you must contact the facility owners directly. Arizona 811 does not accept utility-location requests by e-mail, fax or voice mail.

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Arizona 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake, Inc.)

Phone: (602) 659-7500
Fax: (602) 659-7520
E-mail: Customer.Support@arizona811.com

Need to create or update an 811 ticket for a project in Arizona from outside of the state? Call 1-800-STAKE-IT (1-800-782-5348) between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Arizona time Monday-Friday, excluding state holidays.

News Media Inquiries Only

Education & Awareness Manager

Alejandra Ocano-Gonzalez

Phone: (602) 659-7504
E-mail: news@arizona811.com

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